The Power of the Post: 6 Ways to Nurture Your Google+ Content

Unlike any other social media site, Google+ offers you the ability to get the most out your posts. Because of a few key features only on Google+, the site offers the greatest ability for exposure over Facebook, Twitter or any other. Disagree? Well for anyone who is not a known commodity (celebrity, popular brand) getting visibility has never been easier on G+ – I’m a great example. Many of you have no idea who I am, but that doesn’t prevent me reaching you on Google+. Two weeks ago I had a very simply post about street lights, it was shared by 768 users, +1-ed by 1,582 and acquired 285 comments (link to post). Just try doing that on Facebook or Twitter – good luck. Now I only bring this up, because this could easily be you and here’s how. Below are six steps to get the most out of your posts and give them the maximum level of exposure. Continue reading