2012: The Year Google Figured Out Hardware

2012 GoogleRewind six-months ago and you would have found an entirely different Google. From a software perspective, the company still continued to flourish, but from an in-house product line, the company was still missing a blockbuster. Products like the Galaxy Nexus and various Chromebooks came and went – seemingly missing an “it factor” that would grant them lasting power. But as the beginning of the year teased future products like Project Glass, Google I/O was really the pivot point for the company’s hardware alongside its OEM partners. There it unveiled the power of Google Glass, the impressive Nexus 7, and the Nexus Q (currently being reevaluated). Continue reading

Current Decade Will Mark End of Cable and Satellite

Since moving to Boston, I haven’t had cable and frankly don’t miss it. I don’t say this as a granola hippie claiming there is nothing on television or that it’s a waste of time. I love television, and frankly think we are living in another golden age of TV where shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and others have developed some of the best writing over the life of each series. Continue reading