Google Babel is an Overdue Remediation to Google’s Fragmented Messaging

talk_logoI’ve written about Google’s fragmented messaging service before, but it’s still surprising that Google lingers behind other services such as Facebook Messages and Apple iMessages when they lead with other services like Gmail. Part of Google’s failure is the missed opportunity with Android, which claims 70 percent of the global smartphone market share. The other piece to their failure is that many features showcased from other apps (Facebook Messenger, iMessages) are already provided by Google – just spread across multiple services. This is why it’s encouraging to hear about the rumored “Google Babel,” which very well could resolve many, if not all, of the present problems within Google’s various messaging apps and services. Continue reading

5 Threats the Cloud Poses to Apple’s Future

Apple makes money through a variety of services and products. Unlike most competitors, all of these offerings are available through one entity: Apple Inc. It allows the company to make oodles of money through a variety of platforms, but what happens when most of the framework in these spaces change? What happens when the cloud and its pieces become the norm? iCloud causes its own problems while fixing others, so below are five things that are moving into the cloud that could threaten the tech giant. Continue reading