The Failed Google+ Ghost Town Argument

TechCrunchThere’s a resurgence in the old “ghost town” argument surrounding Google+ recently. I’ve seen doubts about monthly interaction estimates, surprise at the lack of panic with Google+’s recent power out, and discredit around Google+’s new application sign-in service. Many of these articles have come from authors who haven’t filled out a Google+ profile and/or barely dabbled with the social network, but still consider themselves authorities on the subject. Now of course people are entitled to their own opinion, but here’s my take on what’s happening with Google+ usability and why so many get it wrong. Continue reading

The Power of the Post: 6 Ways to Nurture Your Google+ Content

Unlike any other social media site, Google+ offers you the ability to get the most out your posts. Because of a few key features only on Google+, the site offers the greatest ability for exposure over Facebook, Twitter or any other. Disagree? Well for anyone who is not a known commodity (celebrity, popular brand) getting visibility has never been easier on G+ – I’m a great example. Many of you have no idea who I am, but that doesn’t prevent me reaching you on Google+. Two weeks ago I had a very simply post about street lights, it was shared by 768 users, +1-ed by 1,582 and acquired 285 comments (link to post). Just try doing that on Facebook or Twitter – good luck. Now I only bring this up, because this could easily be you and here’s how. Below are six steps to get the most out of your posts and give them the maximum level of exposure. Continue reading

Getting the Most out of Google+ with Google Analytics

It’s a marriage we’ve been waiting for. The ability to integrate Google’s powerful analytical tool Google Analytics with Google+. Over the past couple weeks, this update has been rolling out to various profiles and I have to say I love it. Why? Well in the brief time of my new blog site I’ve wondered what people have been saying about my particular posts if they forgot to +mentioned me. So how do you leverage these new features as well old ones to get the most out of Google+? Let’s start with the new. Continue reading

6 Reasons why Google Music is Better than iTunes

Is it just me or is Google’s under performing music service “Google Music” one of the company’s best kept secrets? Many, if you told them about the service, have probably never even heard of it or have no idea what differentiates the service from say iTunes. And most if they ever did, would probably react with eye rolls and sighs. So for the digital laggards out there who say, “I already have iTunes, what’s the point to getting Google Music?” Here are six benefits you can’t get with iTunes. Continue reading

Google+: Destroying SEO and Why That’s a Good Thing

Now anyone who knows a little about SEO, knows the importance of keywords, Meta tags, inbound links, and AdWord campaigns. You may know to notify Google about crawling new sites/landing pages you produce or you may constantly worry about your current page rank on the top search sites. You may have call-to-actions embedded in YouTube videos and your CPC campaigns may be an overwhelming success. But what if all that went away? What if content could stand alone? What if the only promotion you ever needed was great content? Insert Google+. Continue reading

Facebook Sucks: Google+ Blows Away Facebook for User Visibility

So why does Google+ – in my opinion – work so much better for smaller businesses than Facebook? Why can unknowns become known so much easier on Google+? There are a couple reasons. Let’s start with the most important: Google Search. Of course, like all social media platforms, Google+ has its very own search feature. But what makes this feature fundamentally different from Facebook is how it is utilized. Continue reading