5 New iPhone 5 Features Android Users Have Enjoyed for Years

As iPhone users await Apple’s latest version of the popular smartphone, most of what will be announced on Sept. 12, will be nothing new to Android users. Below are five major upgrades the iPhone 5 will receive next month that have been around for years.

1. 4G/LTE

For anyone who has owned the HTC Evo, you know that it was the first major 4G phone released for Sprint back in June of 2010. Two years after the Evo, almost every Android device has migrated over to HSPA+ or LTE antennas. For Apple fans, it was a surprise to see the iPhone 4S (released on October, 2011) neglecting to incorporate the new antennas that would have accessed the faster networks. Clearly Apple was unwilling to sacrifice battery life for faster access, but failure to reach a hardware compromise two-years after the Evo’s release is still surprising.

2. Bigger Screen

Whether you own the outrageously big Samsung Galaxy Note or the more incrementally large HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy SIII, big screens have been popular for a while now on Android. This has made the current iPhone experience feel a little crowded, especially since the current iPhone 4S lacks a full 16:9 aspect ratio, which may have been the biggest reason for the screen upgrade by Apple.

3. Smaller Dock Connector

It’s bananas that Apple has gotten away with its current 30-pin connector for this long. Especially since the European Union (EU) dictates MicroUSB as the new standard for all mobile devices. I guess it’s good to be Apple (just ask Samsung). As the 30-pin connector has almost become its own standard, it still looks like Apple will shrink the size down to a 9-pin connector (still not MicroUSB), probably to make way for a larger battery. Android’s standard MicroUSB connector has been around since Android’s inception (2008), thus making way for larger batteries.

4. Better Battery

If Motorola’s DROID RAZR MAXX’s impossible 3300 mAh is any inclination. Certain Android phones have always been available with large beefy batteries. As the iPhone looks to migrate to the LTE world, it will need a bigger battery to maintain a longer charge.

5. Built-in Turn-By-Turn Navigator

Google Maps out, iOS maps in, and with it comes a Navigator, finally. This is yet another feature Android users have enjoyed for some time, so it’s hard to imagine the iOS version being better – but I wouldn’t underestimate Apple. Even though Google Maps has been around for what seems like forever, Apple is always good for a surprise or two. In the meantime, it looks like iOS users will have to live without the popular Street View feature used in the Google Maps mobile app.

This is not the first time Apple has been behind Android. When iOS 5 was released, it was the first time over-the-air (OTA) updates, voice-to-text, and the notifications bar were included – all of which were present on Android years before iOS. So as we prep for the new iPhone, pending the classic “wait there’s more,” September could be a month we see the iPhone do nothing more than sprint to catch up.


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