RUMOR: Jelly Beans in June? Android 5.0 with a Surprise Release Date

If you’ve had an Android device for longer than a year, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to waiting. What I mean is you’ve probably waited, waited, and waited some more for the latest mobile OS. Chances are that by the time you’ve received something close to the latest rendition of Android, the next update is probably right around the corner. Well, a new rumor is circulating that Jelly Bean (Android 5.0) could be closer to release than initially thought. How close? Try Google’s I/O Developer Conference in June.

Traditionally Android has announced their new OS in November and usually releases it through their Nexus products in early December. So why the possibility of an early push? Is Google fed up with its manufacturers and their lazy approach to sending out modulated and bloated renditions months later? Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, Android 4.0) merged Android 2.3 (Gingerbread – for smartphones) and 3.0 (Honeycomb – for tablets) together as one, so could Jelly Bean institute new regulations to Android’s fragmented update model?

ICS hasn’t even made it to any current models other than its Nexus line, and most could leapfrog ICS straight to Jelly Bean if the rumor is true. Sounds fine to me, just as long as I can get it in a timely manner. I waited 10 months for Gingerbread and would like to avoid future waiting. Historically Apple has repeatedly pwned Google with the updating of its products, and now with iOS 5, Apple finally has OTA updates to further expedite their centrally managed ecosystem. I’ve never been a big fan of iOS, but I’ve been continually envious of their update model with the hopes of Google recognizing and fixing the problem.

But Google has a big enough brain to understand where things are broken, and Android is one of them. Many app developers have restructured their mobile strategy to focus more on iOS than Android because of its unpredictable and unreliable update schedule. Could Google finally resolve this fundamental flaw and fix the fragmentation existing on the majority of its products in June? And if they do, could Android’s 53 percent smartphone market share chomp further into Apple’s 26 percent and resolve the only flaw – in my opinion – holding Android back?


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